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According to the latest discoveries in neurosciences, the level of happiness at work depends on our emotional health.

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, one of the leaders of the positive psychology movement defines the FLOW state as a specific emotional state in which the skills, the appetence and the challenge come together and produce well-being and performance.

« The mental state in which a person engaged in an activity is fully immersed in it and has energized focus,  feeling elated during the process. »

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi has developed and used a scientific approach (ESM) to study how people feel whilst performing their daily activities. The goal is to understand : not How people can be at their Happiest but when do people feel at their Happiest ?

* ESM: Experience Sampling Method provides data on the thoughts, emotions, and activities of a broad sampling of individuals in their current environment; whilst monitoring their moods. ESM has been tested with thousands of individuals across the world.
The key question is
When do people feel at their happiest?
Well Being & Performance => FLOW

of emotions

The association of the challenge, of the appetence and the skills allows to distinguish 9 possible emotional states represented by the compass of emotions (model inspired by Csikzentmihalyi, Massimini & Carli)

Identifying and priming activities that generate FLOW enables Performance and Well-Being at Work.