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Carole El Zein Corbanese
Founding Partner @ SEEDERS & Co
Dedicated to Emotional Leadership
HEC Certified Global Executive Coach
ORSC & FLOW Certified Coach
+33 6 11 37 44 01

I am a successful Executive from the ICT industry. I have led my career in International and Multicultural environments, building businesses from vision to operational implementation.

I hired and lead multiple teams with fantastic potentials, I had the privilege to identify and lead on the path of their own success.

Throughout these years I have forged my deep conviction that successful organizations are those who acknowledge the treasure they have:

Their Human Capital with all the potentials to be revealed.

During my career I’ve often faced opportunities, and sometimes created them to always be in a position to tackle those challenges in line with my values, for which I had a vested interest, and were within the scope of my skills.

I realized that I have been in my FLOW all the way – Engaged, Enthusiastic, Creative, Focused, Successful.
Happy at Work!!!

This is my initial trigger to become a certified coach and create
SEEDERS & Co – Dedicated to Emotional Leadership

A Coaching and Strategic Consulting firm to accompany those organizations that recognize, acknowledge & value their biggest asset: the Human Potential.

Today, I accompany C-Level Executives, Leaders, Management and Human Resources to help them:

  • Unleash Potentials – Reveal Talents
  • Create a sustainable Performance
  • Shape the positive strategy of transformation for Optimal Engagement, Performance and Competitive Edge.

I also accompany Women Entrepreneures through my engagement in the Women Act program /Empow’her Association.