Unleash the potential

FLOW FOR ENGAGEMENT assess the measure of the associates emotional health to

  • Strengthen a sustainable dynamics of HR positive development
  • Identify Potentials
  • Grow Talents for better Engagement & Performance leading to Success
  • Address Individuals/Teams/Organizations
  • Understand Emotional Topology of Team/Organization
  • Impulse change
  • Boost Talents retention
  • Provide an objective Roadmap for annual reviews promotions – hiring

Our services
Change Alchemist

  • Accompany the positive transformation of Organizations
  • Performance Booster




  • Identify existing potentials
  • Reveal talents
  • Understand motivation triggers
  • Address tense situation caused by
    • Deteriorated Communication & interpersonal relations
    • Disengagement – Stress – Burnout
  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Public speaking
  • Career / job Transitions
  • Job onboarding process


Board / Executive Team

  • Dysfunctional situations
  • Governance
  • Transformation Dynamics
    (Values, Sense, Vision, Strategy)
  • Decision making
  • Reveal leadership
  • Break the Silos
  • Team cohesion in a change and / or crisis phase – reverse resistance to change
  • Co-creation workshops
    • Design Thinking.
    • Collective Intelligence  Co-Development

C-Level Coaching

C-Executives / Leaders

  • Sparring Partner coaching for Leaders facing
    • the loneliness of the role.
    • Strategic issues
    • Challenging Decision Making.
  • Entrepreneurs  Coaching
    • Governance
    • Consolidation
    • Growth & Development.

Assessments & Audits

An innovative and strategic approach to support
Human Resources & Management
For Internal promotions
Future hires
Succession planning
Annual reviews planning


FLOW method – Assessment

  • Individual measure of the associate emotional health
  • Measure the performance triggers in relation to current job. Detailed report of the primary motivations, and non-technical skills.

Suggests options to improve performance and well-being


FLOW method – Audit

  • Measure of the emotional satisfaction level of the team in relation with their current job.
  • Visual snapshot topography of the team motivation triggers, non-technical skills and existing talents.

Suggests options to adjust / transform the work organization


FLOW method – Audit

  • Efficient and prompt process to audit the whole organization satisfaction level, performance & engagement triggers.
  • Visual snapshot topography
    • Overall Organization
    • Overall Teams
    • Team comparison
  • Talents Identification


Benefits for

  • Improve Performance
  • Accelerate Engagement
  • Boost Innovation
  • Minimize Absenteeism & Presenteeism
  • Improve Employees Retention
  • Reduce resistance to change

Benefits for

  • Develop Emotional Leadership
  • Explain personal motivation factors
  • Identify key Non-Technical skills
  • Help to develop the full Potential & evolve towards a state of FLOW
  • Provide a roadmap for annual reviews
  • Put words on what is felt


Carole is an exceptional coach, both in coaching individuals and groups. Her background and methodology allow her to have a deep understanding of the business world and to propose a new reading prism to foster change within the structures and the well-being of employees. She is also a curious and engaged person, with whom it is always a pleasure to work!
Joséphine Py
Empow’Her / Women Act Program manager
A few months ago, I was in a situation of transition and personal reflection about the future of my professional life.
I had the chance to meet Carole El Zein Corbanese who made me go through a Flow assessment.
This allowed me to identify very clearly my primary motivations.

I was amazed at the accuracy and relevance of the primary motivations identified!

The restitution of the results and the coaching done by Carole were in a very interactive mode, which led me to take the time to reflect on the challenges, the ideal jobs, the possible jobs... associated with each primary motivation.

Thanks to this assessment and this approach, I now have very clear ideas about what is motivating, realistic, acceptable... about my professional future!

So this experience was totally amazing and enlightening for me! A big thank you and congratulations to Carole for this innovative and efficient approach.
Daniel Sisso
Former C-Level Executive - Entrepreneur in Fashion and Luxury
I have had the opportunity to work with Carole on several occasions with different profiles and functional managers within the company.
Carole's Coaching coupled with the use of Flow has enabled us to successfully support and engage these employees in their own professional development within our structure.
A very good feedback from the employees on the Flow, which they were discovering, but all are unanimous: beyond the tool, what made the difference was Carole's coaching, which really helped them: her listening, her questions, allowing them to enrich their personal reflection.
Managers who were just as positive, not used to this type of tool, were convinced of the added value and potential of this tool, but here again Carole's support made the difference.
Very beautiful initiatives and real successes, thanks to Carole's excellent coaching.
Anne-France Prigent
Director of HR ITW Construction Continental Europe
Carole is a great coach, she has great listening skills, she uses adapted tools and methodologies that allow to take the analysis further.
She listens, brings out ideas and accompanies the personal journey, sometimes using her anecdotes brought to good purpose and good use, drawn from her own experiences or readings, which feed into reflection, guide towards solutions, the right path, or the right attitude and lead to action.
Denis Dutto
Chief Financial Officer at LIM Group Leather in Motion